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The Mercedes V Class

The Mercedes V Class is a class leading multi passenger vehicle. It carries up to 7 passengers and 7 cases whilst retaining superior comfort levels.
These vehicles are used for both business and pleasure.

The rear cabin is spacious and will provide the ideal opportunity for a pre meeting briefing. The vehicle is quiet and smooth but more importantly, you will look the part when you arrive to do business.

Passengers 6-7
Cases 6-7

V Class mercedes seamless chauffeur

The Mercedes S Class

The Mercedes S Class will leave a lasting impression. Travel to your destination in comfort and style, this vehicle is well equipped for both work and pleasure.

The specification has been specially chosen with the executive in mind. The rear seats are heated and air cooled, as well as electronically adjustable. Electric sun blinds and luxury climate control will ensure you control your temperature to perfection.

On board wi fi, power points and cool water will welcome you on board.
Passengers 2

E Class mercedes seamless chauffeur