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VIP Transport


We are specialists in transportation of VIPs.

All of our Close Protection officers are Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed. We will meticulously plan every aspect of your travel. This includes an intelligence assessment, route plan and briefing. Our team will ensure total piece of mind for you, your client, family or friends.

Our aim is to keep you and your business safe, limiting harm to your reputation whilst being cost effective and discreet.

We work closely within the security industry and can provide trained security personnel should you require this without transport.




case study for seamless chauffeur Case Study - Ben – Software CEO. Invited to talk at a Building Conference in Maidstone (travel from Cheltenham)


  • Drive to Maidstone – not efficient due to high work load
  •  Train to Maidstone – too many connecting trains

Opted for Seamless Chauffeur 

  • Leave Cheltenham at 11.00 hrs
  • Arrive Maidstone 14.30
  • Leave 18.00
  • Return to Cheltenham 21.00
  • Saving – 6 hours work time

Benefits of Traveling With Us

  • On-board wifi 
  • Quiet location 
  • Power socket
  • Improved preparation time for work
  • Improved family time as no requirement to finish work upon return home